Got a negative Review? Don’t panic. Bad reviews happen to everyone. If you find a review that violates Google Review Policies, you can flag it for removal. We got numerous emails from potential clients to remove Google review. The most common question among all I receive is “How can I remove a bad review from Google My Business”? Negative reviews on Google make a businessman frustrating and damage your company’s creditability and website. At this moment take help from Google experts on phone at Google Help Number New Zealand +64-09889-2002. We have suggestions for you to fight with Bad reviews.

Can you remove Reviews from Google My Business?

Whenever you got negative or bad review from customers, we recommend you to do these simple steps:

  1. Plan your Response

It is extremely important to understand that bad reviews are not the end; every company had gotten this at least for one. So, be calm and don’t react immediately emotionally. Try to formulate mature strategy first.

  1. Evaluate the Situation

Check to see if the review is real or fraudulent. Sometimes, fraudulent competitors with whom you never met may post negative comment on your website. So, you should first seek after negative review that if this person was really a customer.

  1. Respond to a Fake or False Review immediately

If you got fake review, you should not ignore it and act quickly over that to show that you are at top of customer service. Reply immediately with apology and leave your business email and contact number for any relevant enquiry to resolve the issue.

  1. Flag a Fake Google Review

Google allows its clients to flag a fake review so they can remove them. If it violates the Google Policies, you can flag it for removal.

  1. Rectify the Situation

If you are getting negative review for a period of time, then the mistake is from your side not the customer’s side. You need to make a solid effort to fix the problems.

  1. Stay on top of your negative review

If an unhappy customer gets his problem fixed, he may change their review from negative to positive.

So, if you are facing the same situation and needs our help, always stay connected with us through our support team by calling Google Customer Services Number New Zealand +64-09889-2002.

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