Import Payroll Data into Xero

Payroll is an important part of running a business and most of the businessman and accountants prefer an accounting system to import and export payroll data. Xero is the most likely used accounting software among various businesses to import payroll data. But the matter is that many of the accountants and business owners are not […]

How do I send Professional Online Quotes through Xero?

Prepare and send professional online quotes in minutes by using the Xero quoting software utilizing the details like contact, inventory and pricing information you have set in Xero. Your customers can now view their quotes in real time, accept, decline or comment to you. Once it is accepted by the customer they have the ability […]

How to Merge Two Chart of Accounts in Xero

Sometimes company needs to merge transactions using two or more accounts into one new merged account. This means that suppose if you are operating two businesses separately and now want to merge then in to one account. But the main concern is “How to merge two chart of accounts into one?” But the reality is […]

How to do Bank Feed in Xero

Xero Support Number New Zealand is the toll free number where users of Xero can ask for how to do bank feed in Xero software by dialing +64-9887-4654. It is very important for businesses whether small or medium to feed their bank and credit card details into Xero as for most of the purchases which […]

How to Calculate Payroll Tax in Xero

It is mandatory to keep accurate payroll tax record for businesses. As a business, you pay tax on the benefits made by your association. But it doesn’t mean that your tax liabilities are ended. You also need to gather tax from your employees on the money they earn. Every staff member you employ is taxed […]

How to Reconcile Invoice Payments in Xero

To reconcile a single bank statement line with multiple invoices, bills or account transactions entered in Xero is a reconciliation of invoice in Xero accounting software. Accountants and bookkeepers must be aware that the sum of the invoices, bills or transactions must match the amount of the statement line. Reconciliation of invoices can be done […]

Send Xero Invoice in Different Currency

The era of economic opportunity is completely international now days. Businesses and entrepreneurs are attracting clients from all over the world.  But when it comes to payment part, many people have questions that how they can send invoice to international clients and how they will be able to get payment. With Xero accounting, do business […]

Xero Reconciliation in Multiple Currency

To reconcile the transactions where the currency of the payment is different to the currency of the invoice in Xero is reconciliation in multiple currencies. Xero accounting facilitates to reconcile a statement line imported into your base currency bank account with a foreign currency invoice or bill entered in Xero. You can likewise reconcile a […]

How to do Bank Reconciliation in Xero

There are few ways of how to do reconciliation transaction in Xero and this can be done with the help of  Xero Customer Support Number New Zealand +64-9887-4654, if users face any difficulty in importing bank statement details into Xero accounting software from bank account. Our Xero experts will tell you that how bank reconciliation […]

Problems with Xero Accounting Software

Customers experiencing an issue in their Xero software can contact Xero team at Xero Customer Helpline Number +64-9887-4654 NewZealand to get help and support from Xero technicians in the event the problem cannot be identified and accountants and bookkeepers have no knowledge to resolve the technical glitches they are undergoing. Xero’s operation team works to […]

How to do VAT Return on Xero?

Learn how Xero calculates VAT for the VAT Return and file your VAT online in minutes. Xero has made it quick and easy for business owners and accountants to manage VAT online. Xero utilizes a single VAT account for all transactions within the chart of accounts. If you are registered for online Vat filing with […]